November 18, 2010

Fun & Unique New Items

We had some fun and unique new items hit our store this week!

A personal favorite is our new fall (but great for any time of the year) fabric headband

Priced at only $7.99! What a steal! Get yours HERE!

We also have it in the following two styles and will be adding more soon...

Get the pink and brown one HERE

Get the brown and blue on HERE

Another favorite from this week! Leopard print headband!
ONLY $6.99!! Get yours HERE

And we also uploaded a bunch of new sequin headbands!

Check out our whole collection of sequin headbands HERE
ALL Sequin headbands priced $5.99-7.99!! 

Or go to our shop's main storefront HERE

August 13, 2010

Hair Clip Organizer Tutorial

Hey all! I {Jami} posted a tutorial on my main blog on how to make a Hair Clip organizer and thought I would let you all now :)

To get to it go HERE

Jami's Blog:

And check back later this week for the launch of our Fall/Halloween line and our funky animal print line!
You can sneak a peak of a few of them on the hair clip organizer!

July 30, 2010

Shop Opening This Weekend!

Finally the time has come to start posting our items :) We have been busy taking lots of photos and editing them just right!

We are getting all our shots in right now and will *hopefully* be posting our first items tomorrow {Saturday July 31st}. We can't wait to share with you all the fun things we've made. So until tomorrow here is a sneak peak of some of the things I've been working on today!

What other items would you like to see in our shop? Let us know!!!

And make sure to check back next week for our Grand Opening and a few Giveaways!! :D

July 15, 2010

Make your own Light box for under $10

Have you ever tried to take photos of close up small objects and the lighting never comes out right? I have been selling stuff on Ebay for years and now I'm about to launch an Etsy site. And I have always had trouble getting the lighting right on photos!

I never have time during the day to take photos out in natural light.
 If I use the flash on close up photos then the picture comes out as one big flash. 
And if I don't use flash then the photo is too dark and blurry. 

Well I have discovered the perfect solution to this problem! It's called a light box. You can buy light boxes and light tents at photography stores but they can easily run you $100 or more! So because I'm frugal I set out to make my own. And as it turns's quick, simple, and cheap to make your own light box!

The photos end up looking so professional:

Here's the tutorial on how to make your own today!

{I just decided to make this without any planning so I just grabbed whatever was in my house and made up my own way. But many of these items and steps can be substituted for other items.}

The supplies you will need:
1. A cardboard Box {The squarer the box is the better. But as you can see all I had was a rectangular one and it turned out just fine)
2. White Fabric {I always have fabric in my house so I just used some I had lying around. I got it at JoAnne's craft store and it was only $1.99/yard and I didn't use even nearly half a yard. You can also find cheap fabric at Walmart}
3.White Poster board or Card stock {Because I did not plan ahead I didn't have any poster board on hand. So I used heavy scrapbooking paper and it worked just fine!}
4. Tape and/or glue {I set out with the intention of using tape on the fabric. This way if I wanted to swap the fabric out with a different color then it would be quick and easy. But alas I ran out of tape and used glue instead. The glue is more sturdy. But tape would be a great solution also!}
5. A Box Cutter
6. Measuring Tape or Ruler
7. Marker or Pen
8. A lamp or lamps with a white light bulb. {I did not use a white light bulb and half of my pictures came out yellow! eew! So I'm heading today to get a white light bulb. But with the right angle my pictures still came out great  in the mean time}


1. Start with any side of your box. Measure a boarder around your box that is 2 inches on every side. This will give your box a good sturdy frame. 

2. Take your box cutter and cut out the squares on all 4 sides. 

3. Cut off the top and your box should look like this. 

4. Now this step if the most time consuming. Take each side of the box and trace it on the fabric. Cut out the fabric squares and glue them on to all four sides of the box But NOT on the top of the box. 

5. As you can see I have turned the box on it's side. this open side was the top of the box. The bottom of the box is now your backdrop. So take your scrapbooking paper, card stock, or poster board {whichever you used} and cut it to fit the bottom of your now turned over box. This is where you can use tape instead of blue if you want change out the paper for different colors. 

6. Next it's time to hang the paper. This is where you are going to place the objects you are taking a photo of. I took two pieces of 12" by 12" scrapbook paper and glued them together. I then placed glue {you can also use tape} on a small section along the top and glued that so the top of the paper is touching the top of the box. This then allows your paper or poster board to hang down and make a nice sloping effect. I also put a little bit of fabric in the back behind the paper to hide the cardboard color.  

7. Your all done now! Just take your light and put it on top shining down. I also sometimes put a light to the right to make it even brighter. 

Here are the Results

Please let me know if you have any questions :)
I am happy to help and let me know if you tried this tutorial! I always love seeing the photos of what you come up with :) It makes it all worth it to put up tutorials like this! 

Thanks for swinging by and checking out this tutorial. If you would like to share this tutorial with others please copy my link also. If you simply copy and paste the information then both my site and yours will go down in search ratings. Thanks :)

And check back again soon for more photos and tutorials! New ones are being added all the time. 

July 11, 2010

The Princess Collection

Here are the first photos of our accessories! 

These items are part of our Princess Collection. This collection is classy and timeless. 

Hot pink with white makes a beautiful combination and can be worn fancy or casual. 

This collection currently contains a headband, a belt, and a bib/statement necklace. But more items will be added later ;)

Enjoy the first sneak peak and keep an eye out for our grand opening! 

The Headband

The Necklace

The Belt

The Collection:

We post all our photos and more on our Facebook site! Check it out ;)
Our Facebook Page HERE

June 23, 2010


If you have found this page already then welcome! You are early...but welcome all the same!

Our Etsy shop will be opening in a few short weeks and the meantime we are tweaking everything! You will probably notice little changes happening here and there.

Look for bio's of the Sister's coming up soon followed by some sneak peak pictures of our work :) I hope you are excited about the launch of our new shop as we are of course very excited!

So sit back, follow us :), check out our Twitter and our Facebook pages and we will be hopefully selling to you shortly ;)

The Sister's